Workshop começa o dia bombardiando!!!!

Hoje começou o 2˚ Workshop de WordPress realizado pela Quartel Design, que conta com 7 pessoas. Veja abaixo as fotos:

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    I pledge to brush, floss, and rinse after every meal, and, of course, to visit the dentist more than twice a year, to make sure that my teeth are all in good condition. Prevention is better than cure, yes?

  2. Can’t believe they took up a whole lane! I saw them on Guerrero and 18th, which is kind of a diff story b/c at least there are 2 lanes on Guerrero, but on Valencia?? Really?!?

  3. Ne pas être con c’est se rendre compte des choses évidente…Avoir un estie d’problèmes entre les 2 oreilles (au niveau de la jalousie paranoïaque) c’est prendre les e-mails de l’autre………….

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